The Faro Experiments

Beginning 15.08.20

Would you like Mona to experiment on you? The museum is shut until late 2020 at least, but David’s opening Faro Bar and Restaurant before then for experimental lunches and dinners.

Weekend lunch experiments

The museum may be shut but David’s brain has been working overtime, concocting a plan to reopen Faro and experiment on you therein. Willing participants will be subjected to a mystery menu, changing theme each week, and you won’t know what you’re in for until you arrive at the museum. The food, the drinks, the live music, societal norms—David wants to experiment with the lot, and you’ll need to sign a waiver absolving Mona of any charges of poor taste. You’ll also get to see parts of the dormant museum with hardly anyone else around, and—if late lunch is your thing—the dusk ascension of spectra.


15 August–20 September
2 hours only
À la carte lunch menu
$10 booking deposit per person

Saturday Dinner Experiment

What’s for tea? Who knows. It’s a moveable feast, changing theme by week. As you enter the shuttered museum, we’ll test your pleasure response with everything from light tunnels to glass-blown caves and so forth. Then, a five-course mystery dinner—with an optional side of neural battering, courtesy of James Turrell. Experimentation is thirsty work, so be sure to maintain optimal hydration with Moorilla, Domaine A and Moo Brew. And on your way out, refresh your post-experiment palate with Ryoji Ikeda’s monumental spectra.


15 August–20 September
Set menu, $100 per person
Drinks and art purchased separately
$50 booking deposit per person

Saturday luxe dinner experiment

Feeling experimental and fancy? Love that for you. Get your people to call our people and book our most deluxe dinner experiment of them all.

You and your fancy mates will roll the dice on a mystery six-course dinner, illuminated by Ryoji Ikeda’s spectra: a towering pillar of light reaching fifteen kilometres into the night sky. Each course will be personally prepared for you by Mona’s Executive Chef Vince Trim, who’s going to mix up the menu and theme each week. We’ll accompany your repast with luxe wine from the vault: you’ll drink from David’s private wine bunker, guided by a sommelier through an award-winning selection of rare bottles and back vintages. You’ll also get exclusive entry to artworks by James Turrell, and the chance to explore parts of the dormant museum.


15 August–20 September
$350 per person
Includes mystery dinner, luxe wines and guaranteed access to Turrell artworks

Booked out

Featured artwork includes:
Memorial to the Sacred Wind or The Tomb of a Kamikaze, 1969, Jean Tinguely
spectra, 2018, Ryoji Ikeda
Event Horizon, 2017, James Turrell